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I would just like to thank you for your assistance in getting me home safely, the Dr looked after me very well.
With Kind Regards

I apologize for the long delay in writing this e-mail. I want to express my sincere gratitude for the excellent care you provided to my husband ABCD from Tashkent to New Delhi and from New Delhi on the Lufthansa flight home. I was confident that he was receiving the best possible care that was compassionate and supportive. I was also very impressed with the organization of what was a very complex process. I thank you for your consideration and assistance to me. Dr. Chawla - I recognize that my phone calls to you were frequent but your voice was always very reassuring during difficult days.
All Best Wishes,

Thank you very much for your fast reply & information.
We are always very happy for your cooperation.
Best regards,
SOS International a/s

Greetings of peace and pure love from Sweden. Thanks for all help when I should be transported from Mt Abu to Sweden! It was very nice to meet you and speak with you. Please convey my thanks to your companions in the flight as well. Everything worked very nice, the operation in Sweden included. It will take quite a long time before I'm allowed to load on the op. leg, but I'm sure everything will become fine at last.
Sorry it has taken such a long time before I send the photos I promised to do, but here they are coming...
Best wishes with everything and for everyone,

The first aid course was fantastic and Dr Bhat was brilliant- many thanks!.
Warm regards

Thank you very much for the information you sent which are invaluable to us. We 'll keep in touch with you for any future need.
Christophe GODDET

You and your company provide the patients and docters with excellent assistance.
Kindest regards,

Your service and that of EWR is much appreciated.
AIG Travel Assist

Heard just recently a great wrap for East West from the parents of ABCD (generational family friends) that on his return to Melbourne the local medical fraternity were most impressed at the fantastic treatment regime for and medical reporting on his injuries, from East West.

Of course I retorted "What else would one expect?".
Love to all,

Thank you very much for a quick reply, efficient and quick

My name is S.L. I am from Denmark and I write the scandinavian guidebook about India. I have for the last 12 year recommended your company in my guide book: Turen går til Indien (politikens forlag (Publisher)).
Travel writer & Photographer

I would like to thank you for your help and assistance on the medical file of Ms abcd. The promptness of your response to our questions and requests for arrangement is much appreciated and we will be happy to rely on your services in the region, on our future cases too.

Ms ABCD arrived back to UK without any complications, she was happy to be again with her family, to which you have also contributed in certain respect.
Best regards,
EuroAlarm Assistance Prague, s.r.o.

Thank you very much for agreeing to giving a Medical and Health Orientation for the spring 2009 World Learning India: Culture and Development students. Your contribution of knowledge and experience to our program is greatly appreciated.


I appreciate very much both the expert help you and your staff provided to ABCD during her illness and the promptness with which you answered the query of her anxious parents. All the best,

Thank you very much for your recommendation. I appreciate your help very much.
Sincerely, Robert

I appreciate you work on this case and assistance in getting Mr. ABCD to Delhi.
Thanks again – it was good working with you -
International Medical Group / Akeso Care Management

Thank you
It's pleasantly surprising how proud they all are of them.(first aid training)
Naturally I am proud of all of the successful participants.

Thank you once again to all concerned at your end.
Kind regards

Thanks very much for your lovely help and coordination
We will be in touch in future for some more cases like this
Have a great day!
Best regards,
MakeMyTrip (India) Pvt. Ltd.

I am glad to hear that she tolerated the trip well. I appreciate your assistance with ensuring a safe journey for ABCD. I am pleased that we have found your company and will inform my colleagues of your services for possible future needs. Thanks again!
National Rehabilitation Hospital

I just wanted to say thank you for all your work on the case of Mr ABCD. Your swift and effective management of this case was remarkable and I only wish the patient could have been a little more appreciative of your assistance.
With kind regards,
FirstAssist Services Limited

ABCD was so happy that she feels good and that you have taken so good care about her health, so do I also.

Please forgive me for not calling on you before leaving Delhi
. I am most grateful to you and your excellent staff for looking after ABCD so well. I am indeed indebted to you for this kindness.

My name is ABCD, and I am a nurse working at World Bank Headquarters in Washington. I used to live in Delhi and indeed know your clinic and recall how highly regarded is your care.
Thank you for your kind support of Mr. XYZ. He has been taken ill and hospitalized at the clinic.
Kind regards,

Review from Client to: COVERMORE
Specific Nature of compliment - How did we meet and exceed customer expectations- what differentiated our service?


Thank you, for helping organizing the first aid class. We were all truly happy and very satisfied with how dr led the class, the equipment and materials.
Best regards,

I want to thank everyone that I was in contact with because my accidente I was in when I was in India. It was the 23 april 2008 the accident was. I fall out of a moving bus, the bus was driving very fast and I felt out where the doors (should be) where. I broke may arm, and had a concussion, and had a lot of wounds over my whole body. And I was in a lot of pain and after two days I was alone in India, because my friends from school had to travel on.

But I got help from persons in India, from the East West Rescue. Some person who´s name is Dr Chawla called me several times to informe me aboute things that going to happen, that things was arrange that I was moving to another better hospital for my operation. So I would like to send a thank you to Dr Chawla for all the help. I was very afraid and felt very alone in India after my accident, so that to hear from Dr Chawla felt very good in that time.

And I also would like to send a Thank you to Dr Vinod Kumar Badugu. He was the person that picked me up the 26 april 2008 in the hospital, GMC in Trichy, India. And he fly with me to Cennai. He was a wonderful person. He arranged everything so fast and good in both hospitals, to the airport, and under my flight. I felt very secure with him. He was so very good and a nice person.

But now I´m so good so I can write and thank you for all the help I got from East West Rescue I´ll hope Dr Chawla and Dr Vinod Kumar Badugu get this mail so they understand that I really appreciate all the help that they gave me.

And when a accident happen it´s very good that organizations that East West Rescue exist. Because when you´re injured you can´t arrange things by youreself some times. And it´s hard when you are in some other country.

I´ll hope the persons that read this understand everything, I´m not so good in english.

As soon that my arm and foot are healed I´m going to travel to India again. I´ll missed my whole holyday that I had arranged that time.
Greetings from

I appreciate deeply your taking the time to brief us.
All the best,
Strategic Workforce Solutions


Thank you so much for your fax with hospital details in Udaipur.
Your support is always appreciated here at Customer Care.
Best regards,
Customer Care Pty Ltd<

Just to let you know that i arrived home safely yesterday afternoon. i am very greatful to all of you for your help and support in getting me home. thankyou once again for all your help and support,

This is to say thank you to you and to your co. for bringing me back home safely. Dr. is a wonderful man with lot of patience and so are you lot. My thanks for all your help and guidance. God permitting hope to meet under better circumstances.
Warm Regards to all of you.

Just a few lines to thank You and your Staff for taking good care of my mother during her stay in Delhi, with complete dedication and professionalism.
Considering she could not carry on with her tour, she was very positively touched by India, and this is indeed thanks to you all.
She remembers you with great affection.
Kind regards

Please pass on my thanks to your First -aid training team. The feedback from the candidates was very positive.

Once again pass on my thanks for a very informative and worthwhile day.(first aid)

it's been a few months since I spent my weeks with you. I hope you remember me; the altitude sickness/guillain barre from The Netherlands. I can't thank you enough for you great care. Everybody is very impressed with the work you all did, and the files you gave me. I am contacting you because here in The Netherlands, things work a lot different than in India....

I think of you as the experts of my illness. Thank you, and all the staff of EWMC,

Bahot dhanyavad aap ka madad keliye.
Warm regards,


Once again thank you for your care.
Best regards for you and your staff,

Thank you so much to pay attention to my son's health. The true reward was already within his courage to fight back the after-effects of the severe concussion he recovered from. He was graced by not less than five miracles from God. I am totally convinced now that he will fully recover from his dreadfull fall near Srinagar.

This song I wrote to thank all the people of India who allowed ABCD to survive to his accident. And that includes you, of course. I'll keep you posted. Maybe Destiny will bring you back to Montreal before the end of August! You know you will be always and forever welcome under our roof.
Best regards.
Yours gratefully,

Wanted to thank you for all the support provided to us last night.
It is quite reassuring to note that you understood our problem and provided help and support in all means you could in this situation.
Much appreciated.

Just been back from the camps and finished with the winding up tasks.
I would like to thank you personally and the entire team at East West for being our partners in true sense; it was quite reassuring to know that we had your back up in case of any eventuality. Youreka 07 was accident free (a few minor ones) and ended on a great note.
Appreciate all your support and look forward to extending this relationship for Youreka 08, Youreka in Schools programs and Adult training programs.
I will be in touch.

Thank you for your assistance, you have always been there when we needed your help.

I am sending my greetings from here in Sidhpur, Dharamsala.
Because I have not saved your phone number I am getting in touch with you through email.
Thank you for helping with your team and facilities over there.
Wishing you all the best I remain with warmest regards

Thank you so much for your quick response. I really appreciated that.

Above all, I would like to express to you my utmost gratefulness for what your company have done to keep my ABCD alive! There's no words to describe truly that intense emotion. Please acknowledge all our sincere gratitude to you and your Rescue team. Thanks to you, ABCD has almost totally recovered after four long months of therapies of all kinds. He was back at the University on January 8th. A true miracle.

To all who did help us when we where in Mombay,
Refreshing your mind…

We where staying in Mombay because my wife had a hart attack and had to be treated.
We thank everyone for there help and wish you and your families all the best for the coming year 2007….


The Swedish team, which went to ___ has come back to New Delhi, and send their thanks to you.
BAE systems

Thank you so much for your response.
We really do appreciate your kind attention and dedication to our clients.
Kind regards

We, husband and wife would like to extend our thanks from the bottom of our heart, for the wonderful treatment and services provided. Though we were foreigners and you were foreign to us, we did not feel like one. We are looking forward to visit India again and your place as a friend not a patient.
Mohamad. Malaysia.

Thank you to everyone in the hospital, from the medical staff to the cleaners, reception etc who made me smile and feel better. I couldn’t thank you enough. A million thanks from the bottom of my heart. And hopefully we will meet again in better circumstances. I am sending you some cake. Hope you all get a slice.
Kelly. Ireland.

To the sweet nurses and the good doctors. Thank you so much for taking such good care of me. Although I hate hospitals, you have made my stay very, very nice.
R.Tromp. Holland.

Many thanks to all members of the team who did everything possible from the first critical hours onwards till my return to Holland.
Wim, the Dutch cyclist.

To the amazing staff of East West Medical Center. I have no words to describe how grateful I am to you for making me a healthy person again.
Thank you for the professional treatment, for answering all of my 1000 questions.
Thank you for making me smile every morning, treating me like a daughter of your own and giving me the amazing feeling of being home.
Thank you for giving me a new, different and improved point of view of life.
With a lot of appreciation,

Thanks a lot for the devoted care. Thank you fro listening, being aware and your professionalism.
Thank you for taking me and my health seriously. You really listened and helped me get better.

Thank you for such wonderful care of us while we were sick. We are now much better.
Victoria, Jane & Claire.

To the Doctors, Nurses and Staff, thanks for everything.

Thank you for your care, great treatment and smiling faces. Although I was sick, I felt like I was in a homey place and there was someone to count on….

To all the EWMC staff, nurses and Doctors,
We wanted to thank you for all the attention, devotion and warmth. You made us feel at home and inspite of my illness, I can say that we really enjoyed being here. We are very grateful for all your help.

Many thanks for your friendly medical assistance given to my child.

To all the staff, we would like to thank you so much for taking care of our 3 daughters during their illness. You were all so friendly and kind. Again a million thanks.

I am very grateful for the excellent treatment I received while I was at EWMC. Please pass on my thanks to all your staff. I am glad I caught meningitis in India – the doctors here say that they would have put it down as jet lag for a couple of days (so much for the wonders of western medicine!!!)
Chandler. Lancaster.

Thank you everyone for all the kindness, caring compassion you have shown me at this difficult time. You have taken such good care of me and I will never forget your lovely actions. May god continue to bless us all richly.

To all the wonderful doctors and staff in the East West Hospital. Thak you very much from the bottom of my heart for taking care of my friend -------, for giving us the touch and feeling of home.

We want to thank you and your staff for the great care you gave us when we stayed with you after our fall in Ladakh. We really appreciate your efforts also in our repatriation home.
I wish to thank all the doctors and nurses for their kindness in helping me get well.
Laurin. Canada.

I would like to thank you and all your staff or the kindness and concern that was shown to be. The nurses were so kind and helpful, nothing was too much trouble. Ironic as it may seem, it was a pleasure to stay here. Keep up all your good work. Thanks again, the food was great.

How can I fully express in words my gratitude and appreciation for the care and treatment of_____.

Thank you for the help and care which you brought us to your hospital.
Happy New Year.

Thank you for all the kindness you have shown towards me.

I would like to thank you and your team ‘s care during my unexpected illness. I admired, apart from the beauty of the ladies, the excellent and specialist care of the patient. Many hospital in many countries, I have been to as a visitor or as a scholarship holder, could learn from your hospital how to work. Once more, I would like to express my gratitude to you and your staff.
Dr Rozniecki. Lask.

There are no words that can express the gratitude I feel deep within my heart.
Shirish & Sharmista

I am taking again the opportunity of this very short Email regarding -----‘s health to tell you how grateful I am towards what you did for my son and me during that long long flight between New Delhi and Montreal.

Again, the miracle goes on. ---- is making great progress. Exactly like you have predicted, the moment his breathing capacity began to improve, all his vital centers started to improve dramatically. He walked freely outside today, still within the shadow of his father, but he walked freely. And all his movements are now much more harmonious.

Mentally, he has almost totally recovered. So, the rest of the story is in God's hands. Like the whole story was anyway. Again so many thanks for your support and your professional skills all along the odyssey to Montreal.
Yours gratefully,

Attached to this mail I send you a translation of my open letter, which was published, to the editor of the well known Dutch quality paper NRC Handelsblad, to publicly express my satisfaction with my treatment in India.
The original clipping will be sent today to your address.

With regards to the transfer and subsequent treatment of my brother, at the East West Medical Centre in New Delhi.I cannot thank you enough for taking my brother's case on.
Yours sincerely, Elisabeth

Just a quick note to you concerning my mother, ABCD. She looked great to me when she arrived and I thank you to all your staff for taking such good care of her! Thank you once again-we certainly all appreciate the care and attention that you gave her.

Although the file is not yet finished nor completely evaluated I would like to thank you for all the efforts regarding the evacuation from Afghanistan. Once again I was impressed by your expertise and service.
Kindest regards
SOS International Netherlands

I apologise for the delay in writing to thank you for all the care, kindness and assistance given to me following my ACBD episode.
I feel most fortunate to have had such good care, extending all the way from admission to my return to Australia. As you know, I was accompanied back to Australia East West Rescue, Delhi.
With sincere thanks and kindest personal regards,

Thank you very much for the great collaboration and your support.
I will deeply recommend your company to everybody who needs help like our family.
Kind regards, Polakel

Thank you. Everyone was very, very happy with the class. Thank you for organizing for us.
Best, Michele

Thank you for looking after ABCD during his stay in India. It is very much appreciated.

Thank you again for your invaluable assistance
Yours sincerely,
Service Manager Continuing Treatment and Recovery,


My wife and I, would like to express our appreciation and thanks from the bottom of our heart to EWMC, for the wonderful help and services given to us. I would like to congratulate the India Government for having such a fantastic service center like the EWMC. All help was very much appreciated. M.Ibrahim. FPG Oleochemicals
Pahang, DM.

Everybody has been extremely nice and friendly and professional. You have taken good care of me.
Thank you. I.Bjorn. Delhi.

Thank your very much for everything. I appreciate it all with all my love!!! I will never forget you all.
You will be always in my heart…. Love,
Sivan. Delhi

There are no words with which I can thank you- but thanks a million all the same.
Bubbly. Delhi

Thank you so much for all your help and support and kindness.
R.Olsen, K. Johal, N. Jai.Delhi

It’s a long way we’ve got to go, but thank for all the encouragement for the happy sailing of ours ahead. Chhabra. Delhi

Just a note to say thank you for the excellent care given to me. You have a very caring and patient staff of doctors and nurses.
Samina. Delhi

Thank you for your kind treatment.

I would like to say one last thank you to you and your staff for getting me back on my feet. You’ve all been marvelous. My very best wishes. R.Henderson.

It isn’t often you find people as special as you. People who go out of their way to make things nicer for others, people who take time to care. Your thoughtfulness was really appreciated… and so are you. Thank you.
Roland. B.C.Canada.

We greatly appreciate the very kind attention extended to____. We do not doubt that he will have the benefit of the best care and we are already grateful for the kindness extended to him. Once more we express our greatest consideration for your assistance. Lejeune.
Houget Duesberrg Bosson. Belgium.

Thank you very much for your care and cooperation. It’s people like you who make the world a happier place.
Many thanks to you all.
Dr Narendra.

Thank you very much for looking after me so well. I’ll certainly have favorable reports to tell of Indian hospitals when I return back to Britain. L.Gregson.
Thank you for all your support and encouragement during the last week.
Embassy of Israel.

Once again, thank you for all you did for me and George. John. Hampshire, England.

We were all very much impressed by the professionalism and high international standard of excellence and the overall caliber of your First Aid Certification Course.
S.Parashar, Intrepid Travel Pty Limited, Delhi.

I want to thank you and your staff and to let you know how lucky I feel for being a patient in your hospital.
Shai. Israel.

Words can’t express our thanks. We did not notice that we were in a hospital, it is like a dream place here.
Noam & Itamar. Israel.

Thank you vey much for your wonderful care and for being a great medical spot light in India. We will never forget your professional and warm care, from the rescue flight till the moment we left
Delhi. J.Shenkar

Thank you for all your help and your good care during my stay in your hospital. Your were all very kind to me.
Dori. Holland.

Thank you for taking good care of me and your kindness.

To all the EWMC Doctors, Nurses and staff members who had done their level best to make me well and took the best care of me. I heartedly thank all of them. I’ll miss the kind attention by the sweet nurses and staff. Whenever I fall Ill, I’ll only opt for EWMC.

To all the Doctors and nurses who have made this experience as pleasant as possible. I cannot thank you enough. KOP KOON MAC (thanks too much in Thai).
Shani & Sky.

I want to thank you all for your kindness and readiness to help during our stay at the EWMC.
Hagen. Denmark.

Hello. Do you remember me?
My name is ABCD, I am from Japan. 4 months ago, I was involved in an exchange of fire between army and militants in Kashmir. I had an operation at your hospital. Thank you for taking care of me. See you.


Thank you so much for all your care when I was ill – as you can see from the newspaper cutting – the experience has propelled me to journalistic fame.
Jack Shenkervv

I wanted to thank you personally for taking such good care of my mother. I would like to take you out for dinner if you ever visit Santa Fe. Thank you for all you did, for mom.
D. Lopez.

To East West for being my MOM. Thank you.
Matan. Israel.

Thank you! For the amazing care you gave me.


How can I thank you all for the good care, the love and trust that you gave to me.

Remember me? It’s Gaye. I came by to say hello on Sunday but as it was a quiet day I didn’t get to meet all of you. It was so nice to meet those that were there. Vic sends his kindest regards to you all. Coming back to the hospital was quite an emotional visit – but all the memories of the amazing care you gave us both. Once again, thank you.

Great thanks to all the team for very good care, kindness. I’ll never forget EWMC for the very warm atmosphere and the help I received.
P.Warsztacui. Belgium

Thank you for your help at the EWMC. Your staff are very professional. I can tell you from experience that your center is definitely on a level with the U.K. Private Medical system. The hospital is cleaner than the U.K. hospitals.

Thank you for the professional care and warm personalities of the staff. With a lot of appreciation.
Mr & Mrs. Grinwald.

I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your devoted care and treatment. There isn’t a way in which I can thank you for the care you gave me in your hospital. You made me feel as if I was the only patient, even though you have so many patients to look after. That is a truly great attribute and that makes the whole difference.

Thanks to all for the good care.
Annette. Holland. (video and photo’s in our gallery – made by patient)

We will never forget your blessed care which gave me and my wife a future. Here’s wishing you all a bright 2005. Name not legible.

Nick’s father and I would like to sincerely thank you, the other doctors and the lovely gently nurses who all helped Nicholas make a full recovery. Thank you again for your care, especially when he was there by himself and so unwell and far from home.
H & C.

Thank you EWMC!!1 You’ve been a great help and my stay here made it possible to go back to Holland. I think I’ll leave the worms and parasites here… I have enough other souvenirs!!
I.Koopmans’. Holland.

You should be very proud of your doctors, they are very professional.
J.Perigny. Montral.

Thanks to you and your staff for your professional health care. Extra thanks for the assistance in trying to communicate with my Dentist in Singapore, it proved very helpful. It's these extra touches that make your institution of international class.

This is to say thank you to you and to your co. for bringing me back home safely. My thanks for all your help and guidance. God permitting hope to meet under better circumstances.

R.Thakker from Pune to UK.

I'm Mrs ___ son. Just a few lines to thank You and your Staff for taking good care of my mother during her stay in Delhi, with complete dedication and professionalism.
Considering she could not carry on with her tour, she was very positively touched by India, and this is indeed thanks to you all. She remembers you with great affection.
Marco. Italy.

Just a quick note to you concerning my mother. She looked great to me when she arrived and I thank you to all your staff for taking such good care of her!
D.Lopez. USA. Thank you for your kind support of____.
Ellen. World bank, USA.

Just to let you know that I arrived home safely. I am very grateful to all of you for your help and support in getting me home.
S.Daniels. UK.

Thank you for all your help, kindness, and patience over the last two weeks. It is very much appreciated.

Just a short note to thank you and your doctors for all the help and kindness they showed me. You were all very wonderful and good to me.
C. Mybizyistis, England.

Thank you for looking after my Life. I have a lot to thank you for.


You all made my stay here very comfortable and enjoyable. Thanks for bringing me back to good health.

I just wanted to say a really big thank you. We have been touched by the professionalism and caring attitude of everyone.
Nick & Rachel. Brighton. England.

Thank you for taking care of me 24 hours a day. When I was in pain and feeling bad, thank you for the big smiles all day that made us stronger and stronger. You have been an angel for us. We will never forget you and your staff.
Udi & Yaelle. Isreal.

Your staff made it a lot easier for me than it should have been. The staff are just great. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It’s nice to know that there are such good people in the world. I wish you and everyone the best, keep up the good work, stay exactly as you are, do not change, because you are THE BEST!!!!
Itzchak. Israel.

Thank you for all the help given to our son when he was sick with ____/ He did very well under your treatment.
Dr Aviely. Israel.

You saved my ear. You saved me from anxiety. You took care of me like you own child or sister. I’ll never be able to repay you. I will always remember your sweet smiles, patient and soft hearted sister. I miss your hospital very much.
Jurate. ISKCON temple, Belgium

I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your devoted care of my brother. We have a long way to walk with him, a way we couldn’t have started without you and the East West Staff. The one who saves one soul, it is as if he has saved the whole world.
Barak. Tel Aviv.

Firstly may I take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for caring for me whilst at the EWMC.

You may recall my short stay after being diverted whilst on route from Singapore to London. When I was advised by the crew that the aircraft would be landing in a foreign country for me to be sent to a hospital immediately. Naturally I was worried.

From the minute I arrived at the EWMC, any worries I had were soon dispelled by the excellent manner in which I was looked after, from this point on the care and attention I received from everybody was First Class.
You should be extremely proud of your staff.
N.Swainson. Sussex. England.

To the nurses in East West, Thank you for the great care. You made my time here much more nice and easier. Thanks for the big smiles. You really are the best.
Phir Milenge. Keren.

10,000 times thank you for everything. For your help when I needed it, for the smiles of the nurses and to Dr Chawla for his knowledge. May Allah bless you.
Yasmeen & Karine. France.

Thank you very much for all your help and support you have given me. It can be very difficult being ill in a foreign country, but you made it much easier.

As we have promised, here are the photo’s we had taken a month ago. Thanks for the utmost care by all of you. Thanks to the kindness and human atmosphere in the EWMC, my live was saved. I am full recovered so that I am the old one again.
We will never forget you. To a photo in our living room, we can say everyday from West to East, good morning, dear fellows.
Jef & Mia. Belgium

Much appreciation to all the EWMC doctors and nurses. Thanks for taking care of me so professionally. My eye is fat and swollen but thank god I can see. You nurtured me back to health so successfully. So much appreciation from me and my family. My face is healing well, thanks to your expert care – Motorbikes and Monks don’t match, a lesson I’ve learnt to stay clear. I am feeling so much better thanks to you’e expert care, Indian doctors and Nurses gave me strength and told me I have nothing to fear.

East West has been my inspiration, so thanks to you all my heart is open wide. I’ll definitely come back and see you all again. Much love and gratitude,

Thank you for your kind treatment, I appreciate it very much and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Michal & Moer, Israel.

We wanted to thank you for the warm caring and the excellent treatment. On a more personal note, you made me feel as if I was your only patient (although I know there were many others). You made me feel safe and at home.

A note of thanks – our indebtness to you, all your staff who cared for and nursed XXXXX through this terrible accident. Your constant communication helped to support us and adjust to the situation.
The Caitns family.

We wanted to thank you for everything, for the warm treatment, the professionial caring and form the smiles.
Shaul & Hagar

I would like to pass on my deepest appreciation to the medical staff of East West for their kind, quick and generous help. They looked after me with thoughtfulness and consideration. I feel privileged to have received medical care from such a skilled and experienced team.
Ron. Israel.

Thank you for bringing me back to shore, your honesty and caring.

Very many thanks to all who have taken care of me during my stay at EWMC.

Thank you very much. I can walk around India again. Thanks to you. . I will never forget you.
E.Mochizuki. Japan

I want to tell you many thanks for you and all of your staff for looking after my wife.
Sincerely, Joly. St.Alban

My husband and I are deeply grateful for having welcomes our daughter at your medical center. She benefited from exceptional professional expertise and a careful human touch of your staff. We congratulate you for your prestigious company which honors your country.
L.Deschenes. Repentigny.

We have had a great time. Thanks for keeping us well.
Cathy, Bryan

To all the staff at EWMC, with thanks for your care.
Patricia. Australia.


Millions of thank yous for everyone who took care of me. You were perfect.

Thanks again for everyone’s help.
M. Jourdan.

How can one thank you for your wonderful attention and care, giving me confidence while in trouble. Words are too dull to express my gratitude and feelings.

This is just a line to thank you for looking after---. You too great care of her. Shahnaz Husain.
Shahnaz Herbals.

We are both very thankful to all the members of the staff at EWMC for your love and care for us which was A1.

Thank you for the great and caring treatment. For us it wasn’t a hospital, but a family in Delhi. Thank you very much.
Edan & Dana.

Thank you for your help in getting us home so quickly from Kerala. P.Stratton. U.K.

Thank you for your professional competence, kindness and consideration.

Thank you so much for all your work, your care and your love for Roy and myself during his sickness. I so appreciated your honesty and care.
“For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord”.
Rom 8:38:39. K.Johnson

I request you to kindly convey my profound gratitude to those of your staff who were responsible for my well being. All of them, without exception – did so with extreme diligence and consideration and moreover showed me a great deal of courtesy and respect throughout my stay.

I am not likely to forget my illness in Delhi, but not the least reason for remembering it would be the extraordinary care I received at your hospital.
E. Motala

Thank you so much for the wonderful care and kindness, it’s better here than New Zealand.
Thanks and love, Elizabeth.

Again, I thank you for your support and kindness and I hope to meet you one day again. This time as a visitor and not as a patient… I attach some pictures for the doctors and nurses that were present the day I left the hospital.
T,Kelem, Israel.

Thanking you for your concern and excellent care and attention and helping us keep our sanity through this ordeal. The Encounter Overlanders.

Do you remember us? Our daughter has an accident in August. She fell from a hosrse in Jaisalmer. We are back in Paris and she is doing well. We would like to htank you again for the assistance and the medical care.
Gerard & Marie- Rose. France

Thank you all very much for your kindness and help while we were staying at your hospital. We really appreciate everything you have done for us.
Karen & Andrew. New Zealand.

Thanks a lot. Komatsu Noriko. Japan.

I and my wife would like to thank you all for the excellent care of Britt and we really thank heaven that we came to your fine hospital in time. The quality of your hospital is fully in class with Western Standards. The doctors here have seen your reports and discharge summary and have expressed opinions that it is the best summary they have ever seen. Even though our vacation was spoiled, we have learnt that at the other side of the Globe, are a kind and friendly people and easy to be friends with.
Ingvar, Trollhattan

We can never forget the care you took of Aldel. It was an astonishing mix of professionalism, care, patience and commitment.
Emmanuel, & Aldel.

Your treatment and support got me healthy again. Thank you very much for all your help.
Britta. Germany.

We would like to express our deep appreciation for the dedicated and professional treatment you gave our son. God bless you all.
His parents, Shelly & Yosi. Israel.

Thank you for never letting me give up. Thank you for being there.

My wife and I wish you to accept our heartfelt thanks for the professionial advice you gave us and for arranging medical evacuation. Your arrangement were excellent. Please laso pass our thanks to the young Nurse who looked after my wife during the flight. Thank you once again for all the help.
T. Singh. Essex. UK.


I would like to thank you and all the staff for the excellent care you gave us, especially your diagnosis that led to the early treatment of __.
M.Deans. Cornwall. UK.

You have all been so kind. Thank you for taking care of me so well. You havew made me feel comfroatbale and very much at ease. I am forever grateful. Holly, The wee scotish girl.

Thank you. I am going to come to New Delhi next year, just to say hello to you.
Remy. Belgium.

I will say thank you for all you have done for me. I will never forget you.
Ebner. Austria

May I just say thanks again for all the help that you gave me in my time of need – I will be eternally grateful and will always remember you in my prayers.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for all your help and support, it was much appreciated by us both.
Sally & Ellen. Somerset, England.

A week before Christmas 2000, a young New Zealander, ___ was admitted at your hospital, seriously ill. It is for this that my husband and I now like to thank you. Every phone call we shared with our son, assured us he was in good knowledgeable care and that he was quickly on the way to a total recovery. Once again much gratitude to yourself and al lthe hospital staff who aided him- a strnger in your midst.
P.Simmons. New Zealand.

Thanking you for your professional care and generous hospitality. You are like that second God for patients on Earth. All the staff were very helpful and good natured. I did not have any hope about my life, but you are an angel for me and gave me a new life. You saved me, it means you saved my family too.
P.Verma. New Delhi.

I have no words to express how grateful I am and my deep appreciation to you all. I will always remember you.
Tal. Israel.

The care and attention I received was exceptional. I appreciate greatly the professional services I received.
Jane. Australia.

Thank you for all your help and kindness in locating our son after three days of not being able to contact him.
R.Farndale. Cambridgeshire. U.K.

I am unable to thank you enough for all the help and service. Please thank everyone concerned, it was hard work with a satisfactory outcome. I am singing the praises of East West to everyone I can find to talk to for a long time to come.
T Davies. QEC Training. England.

I owe so much to all of you for not only saving my life but also for looking after the well being of dear Gaye. You are all so special to us.
Victor Singh. Cornwall. UK.

Thank you very much for your help and kindness,. We have appreciated it greatly.
Michal & Hagai

Just a line in appreciation for the prompt action taken by you for arranging an air ambulance for ___. I also take this opportunity to thank your medical team and members of the crew who did a commendable job.
David. Goodricke Group. Calcutta. India.

I am totally fine now. Thank you and your team again for your help.
Bjorn. Srinager.ICRC (Red Cross).

Thank you for the kind and attentive assistance.
E.Hutin. U.K.

I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude…
Dr K.Mikamo. Embassy of Japan. New Delhi.

I don’t have the words to thank all of you for the devoted and generous treatment when everything is done with a smile and goodwill. Although I was far away from home, I felt at home. Thank you so much.
A.Cohen. Israel.

I would like to personally thank you for the good caring and the nice hospitality. You really made me feel wanted amongst you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. From all our heart.
Keep the joy.
Raz & friends.

Now that I am online, I want to thank you for all the excellent service which you provided my wife and I. Our care was excellent from the first moment after the accident. We are very grateful. We feel so fortunate that we received such thoughtful care from all of you. We could not have received more thoughtful and considerate care than we received from you.

Thank you for all the care you and your staff have given me here. It felt good to be looked after so well 9a bit like being a princess).
And I love feeling like me old self again.
Love, Georgina.

Lots of warm greetings from Denmark to all the people that helped me. On the postcard is the hospital where I work. John & Krystyna.

Many thanks. You made things, a whole lot easier for me.
S.Patel. Wembley, U.K.

Thank you so much for all the good care you gave to my wife during her sickness.

Thank you so much for all your invaluable help!
Christoph & Gail.

Thank you very much for taking care of us. We’ll continue our journey with new strengths.
Patrick & Ryan

You have made my life improve 100%. Thank you.
Don. Michigan.USA.

We would like to thank you sincerely for all your professional help and encouragement over the past two weeks. Your kindness in so many small ways is appreciated by us both. Many thanks and Best wishes.
Noel, Margaret. Ireland.

Thank you so much for your kindess and concern in my hours of need. It really did make a world of difference.

Thank you for all your kindness to us.
Jeremy, Patsy and Jonathan. U.K.


We would like to thank you for all you have done for us, for being there when we needed you.
Mrs.Singh. Delhi.

Yours kindness really meant much more than words could ever thank you for.
Pammi. Delhi.

… thank you most heartily the staff and nurses for the nice treatment. It made myself feel safe and I had full confidence in your judgment and treatment.
Kees Auh, Netherlands.

I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Shukriya for all.
Amit. Israel.

Thank you for putting me back together.
Mary.Leeds.Exodus. U.K.

This is the strangest hospital I have ever been to. The patients are happy, the staff are happy and helpful.
Ben, Israel.

I work as a nurse in a hospital in Canada, and your hospital could teach both our nurses and doctors a lot. Thank you for looking after me so well, your treatment was superb!

Both my husband and I would like to thank you for your expertise and care. He is progressing well now and will be fighting fit soon. Without your help, who knows….
David and Yvonne From this place, I thank you for all your help and kindness you gave me. In Holland, the Cardiologists made you all the compliments for your treatment. Thank you very much.
J.Paul. Holland.

This message overflows with gratitude to you. Thank you. Rashmi.
Neer, Architects & Consultants. Delhi.

Thank you for coming to our aid so quickly. What a great relief.

I want to thank everybody in the EWMC. You are # 1. I want ot thank the doctors, nurses , the kitchen.
Everybody. Yariv

Thank you for your kind and warm hospitality, Small hospital with a BIG BROAD and LOVING HEARTS !!!! Chriker,
Reuben & Aviv. Israel.

Your knd attention was really appreciated. With admiration for the whole staff of East West.
A. Demers.

I have to admit that first I was very frightened at the prospect of an operation on my spine in India. Of course I now know that these fears were unfounded. My time at EWMC was one of the most special and rewarding times in my life. It taught me trust, patience and courage and also taught me not to fear.

Many thanks to you all.
I have been unable to get satisfactory follow up treatment in Cork as the hospital system here is highly understaffed.
Yours the nicest of the nice.

Avril. Cork.Ireland.

I would like to express the gratitude we both feel for the very high standard of medical care given to Tom. The early diagnosis, and subsequent treatment, encouragement by all the doctors were so important, as has been made clear to us. Also the medical staff at our local hospital were impressed by the very full medical reports you provided.
Hazel. Herts.U.K.

Thank you all for looking after me so well and nursing me back to health so quickly.

..Sincerely thank you very very much for all your help and professional expertise. We wish you and all the staff well and hope that your new hospital, when completed will be everything you hope for and deserve.
Richard. Wiltshire. U.K.

…most grateful for the professional help and care and the great kindness extended to me during my stay at your hospital.
Marita. Germany.

During my stay, we took some pictures. We send you a copy. I am again full swing and healthy.
C.van Zuylen. Netherlands.

I thank everyone for the excellent care and professional and accurate treatment.
Peter. Holland.

I would like to express my gratitude we both feel for the very high standard of medical care given to Tom. The early diagnosis, subsequent treatment, also the interest and encouragement expressed by all the doctors who attended to him were so important, as has been made clear to us. Also medical staff at our local hospital were impressed by the way the full medical history provided.
T.Clark. Herts.England.

We wanted to thank you and your hospital and nursing staff for the excellent care we received.
Dr Matthews & Dr Trigg.
University of New Mexico, School of Medicine, USA

Thank you for the good care. Also warm regards of a very thankful mother.
M.Meeuwizse & M.Rikse. Netherlands.

You would not believe how reassuring your professional voice was, when I was lost and so poorly in the middle of no where for me in the North of India. You were clear and efficient, you know exactly what to suggest for the best.

Everyone on the plane were like angels to me, so kind and considerate. Even the pilot landed like a feather.

But it was the outstanding treatments I received at your clinic, with your wonderful lstaff and graceful doctors which impressed me, the most. Thank you for the outstanding service I received and all you care.
A.Proton. Psychotherapist. England.

Your inspirations & kind handling of the illness, assurances and judgement impressed me. You and all your staff were great to help anybody recover.
A.Sen. Delhi.

Thank you very much for all your help, you put us at ease whilsdt being so many miles away from home. You really looked after us, all the arrangements you made for us were perfect.

..opportunity to gratefully thank your most efficient and caring doctors, nurses, staff. It is a great relief for us westerners to be able to trust our lives to them no matter how small or large the complications be.
Anita. Cairns. Australia

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